$4000+ Memphis Bitters Found

This was like Deja  Vue all over again. About the third bottle in this is what came out !

Wow ! Don't you tell me its another Super - Rare Memphis Bitters !

C.H.Ebbert // Our Own Southern Bitters // Depot Memphis

The mouth was sticking straight up in the hole . We didn't know what it was at first , then Bill pulled it up and yelled that it was " Our Own Southern Bitters " ! Man -O-Man !! What a rare Bitters from Memphis. Usually a person don't get to dig one rare bottles like this , but 2 is definitely unheard of !

Bill , still reeling from the Bitters , pulls up a Barrel Mustard and a big 12" Pickle.

A nice blue bottle but unfortunately not as nice as we wanted.  Caswell Mack & Co.

An early Memphis Druggist - A. Thweat Apothecary and on the right-  under this is what dreams are made of -LIME . and you guessed it, that's where most of these bottles came from - under the Lime layer.

When we first saw that this bottle was another bitters we were hoping that it was going to be another Our Own Southern Bitters

There they are - 2 ole Champions of the Bitters, holding there Prey.