Blue Iron Pontil pg 4

  We hit another one just over from this one and wouldn't you know , It just happened to be LOW DED !! Hehehe


  John C.Baker Cod Liver Oil.


 Buddy holding his Prize!


 What we have here is the failure for the Deer to communicate!

 Half Pint Pikes Peak Flask // Man Shooting Deer


 O0ps! What I meant to say is Buddy is holding my prize and I'm holding his Trophy!


 An Umbrella Ink and a Fancy Parfume  !


 Bill, Is there writing on that Thang ? Yes .. It says  " SETTINGHE " What? No ! S. Tighe. Oh me oh my. Great job Bill ! S.Tighe - Memphis . What a great Jug !!


 Perfect condition ! Beautiful !

 Don't stop now, were on a roll.     Cleaned up

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