Blue Iron Pontil pg 5

 Ruth still keeps hitting


 Whats this hiding in the ruffff !


 Cathedral Pickle ! Huge 15" by 4 1/2".


 Hey Buddy. Can you dig it ? Well, I guess you can. Then go ahead and get Jiggy with it ! But unfortunately cracked ! BooHooBooHoo..... so on so forth, but the next one is Purrfect!



  Oh my gosh ! Thats another Hostetters . No. C.H. .. What ? C.H. Ebbert & Co // Our Own Southern Bitters // Depot Memphis , Tenn (flat panels).. Boom, Shocka Locka Boom Shocka Locka Locka Boom Boom!    Cleaned up





 Great condition ! After many years of searching , Story and Adventure has just begun !




 A lot of the , but not limited to all the bottles recovered from this Privy ! Thanks and I hope that you had as much fun as we had digging these bottles. Nah, say it isn't so . Hehehehe. See you next week with even more beautiful and older bottles - yea right.

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