Buddy Scores !


  While me and Tommy were metal detecting Buddy was determined to find a Privy and he prevails until he does. Buddy yells out "I got one" .  We rushed right over an began digging immediately. Tommy starts the hole and after a few feet pulls up an 1860's pickle.


























Buddy jumps in and pulls up a Memphis Blob Soda.














 Then  solid cream colored Ginger Beer bottle.













Then Mike gets in and gets a Mineral Water bottle and a half pint Coffin Flask..















 Tommy and Ron Jenson standing by the hole. Tommy holding an Ayers Cherry Pectoral.



  By the end of the dig we had also dug a quart Coffin Flask, 3 Blobs, Mexican Mustang Liniment, a hard to find blob J.W.Reinders and some other misc. bottles and things. Not a bad day of unexpected digging.

  Digging Adventures