Drakes Plantation Privy

The next hole on the same lot yielded some interesting bottles.                                                  February 11 , 2017

Starting the Hole and seeing a glimmer of the first bottle.

David E. - AKA the Meritus Memphisdigger and Buddy the Bloodhound holding a Memphis Hutch retracted from the top of the Privy. I knew I would get to use that word sometime -cool !

Simmons Liver Regulator and a nice small size Pickle

We came across this beauty still in the bottom of the Pit !

Buddy and David admiring the Logs

A closeup of a Cathedral Pepper sauce and David holding a  second. He is imagining taking home 2 of these badboys. Not pictured is a third one that we dug, all 3 nice.

A short , fat Memphis squat Med - Mansfield & Higbee (correct spelling).

The one that got away - a short cobalt XXX Ale M. Kean. There were a couple more broken - an Aqua E.Schreoder East ST Louis and a Yellow Saratoga. Them darn Kids!

The bottles at end of the day.  I guess I got some dust , I mean dirt on my lens.