Green Blob Soda

 We started our normal Saturday, we were looking for a lot that would have a lot of potential, but to no avail, it just didn't pan out for us. So we pulled over on the side of the road to regroup. And as destiny would have it, we looked over toward the lot beside us, got our probes out of the van, pushed them in the ground in the wooded lot , and guess what? Crunch everywhere ! A new Dump ! Great ! Great! Hooray for Hollywood ! I mean, Memphis Dumps! But since it had been going really good for us on these early Privys that we've been finding , we said " Lets just keep looking for the Privys. We'll just keep this dump on hold until we need it". We started in on some more lots and on about the 3rd lot , BOOM! We hit one. It kept growing to about 9' long and 3' wide! and here it is.



 Buddy with 2Memphis hutches. A Diehl & Danbury and a rare Memphis Hutch -Tall size Union Bottling Works .


 Nice Coan & Harbin Hutch.


  This is a neat bottle. Only about 5" tall. Globe /Picnic Pickles/ St Louis. The opening is only about 1". Could you imagine how small the pickles were that went into these bottles? We found 4 of these.


 I have dug about 3 smaller Gayoso bottles but none like this big 6oz size with the T.P.Fortune and 381 Main St. Neat 1880 bottle.


 Mike with a Fancy Sauce bottle.


 Hollow lettering - Dowdy & Co./ Dispensing Chemists / Memphis , Tenn. Probably only a couple of these known. Unfortunately the top is broken.


 Some of the bottles as we went along. At the start , it wasn't looking real good. It seemed like it was going to be a dud but it ended up being a DUDE ! At times bottles were pouring out, mostly Hutches.


 A Green , (maybe part Citron) "One -0f - A - Kind" color from Memphis. Awesome ! An Unknown colored Blob from Memphis ! Also a rare name on a Blob , normally on the hutch. This hole obviously dated 1879-1880. We also found a Transitional period Blob/Hutch Artesian Soda too.




 Compared to the Aqua Hutch.


 Here are a some of the bottles that we found along with a Hughes Bros & Co. / Dallas , Tex Hutch, a total of about 23 hutches, a black glass ale, a few Memphis Duggists, an Emil Nathan St Louis Distillers (Memphis had these too), a Fancy Sauce bottle and more. Also , it should be noted that this was an odd sized privy than what we are use to digging. It was real long but shallow. 9' long , 3' wide and only 3 1/2' deep ! We were thru with it and had it filled back in by 1:00pm.


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