Senour's Bitters pg 2

Then next week we went over about 20 feet and found another hole.


 What is it?


 Oh. A Capers Pickle.


 Oh no ! A very rare Gravitating stopper 2 Lords & Diehl Hutchinson soda !! Woe! we never dug one of these!


 Hetzel & CO Blob ! Another very rare blob from Memphis.


An unembossed bitters. While waiting for a super great bottle to be pulled up from the bottom of the hole,  a letdown to say the least. but it was very crude.


 A Glue and an Umbrella Ink.


 A very nice Butler Ink !


 This would have been a nice bottle. Western Spice MillsCathedral Pepper Sauce ! had a hole in it. Rats .. why me ??


 And of course a Ginger Beer.



 Senour's Calisaya Bitters - 1 to 5 known in the Ring & Hamm Bitters Book.



 Some of the bottles of the day. at the top of the hole were alot of Hutchinsons. they came out so fast that we couldn't stop long enough to take the pictures, what fun!

 Adios. I mean see you next week!


 Digging Adventures