Tighe & Co Memphis Jug

Another Great Hole !


  Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures except for these. We dug a few Memphis Blob Sodas - J.W.Reinders , P.Twohig, C.J.Hargan , medicines, utilities etc....


 On this one we had to break out the tarps. It turned out great.


 The 2 Jugs together, but the one we found this past weekend is the one on the right. Tighe & Co.The one on the left - S. Tighe.




  The Greatest Memphis Jugs !

One of a kind S. Tighe (Looks like around 1865-1867)and a one of a kind Tighe & Co. ( after investigation 1871 -1874). The only 2 known Jugs by Tighe.  Tighe West Tennessee Potter.



An unmarked Tighe Jug. Unbelievable


 Cradlingthe Tighe & Co. like a Baby.

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