Twin Amber Historical Flasks

                                                                                                                                                                                  January 21, 2017   

We started the day like a normal Saturday but I really knew we were going to find us a decent Privy. We went out on several lots and nothing , I mean nothing. we then decided to go back in an area that we had been going . We found a little spot and started digging with only pieces of glass, then out of the blue came this Railroad Baggage Tag.

 A home grown  Railroad Baggage Tag - " Lawrence House " with a " 21 " in the center. Haven't found any info on it yet . We also found a couple of broken bottles and the a nice C.J.Hargan Hutch. Not finding much with the effort we were putting into it, we decided to move over a few lots . After we did, immediately we probed a couple of times and WAM, we hit a little Privy.

After digging down about 2 1/2 feet we found a P.Twohig Blob Soda (not pictured) and then widening the wall a bit I discovered this little Beauty ! I pushed my shovel in the wall down only about a foot and a half and walla ! A Half Pint Amber Union Eagle Flask - WOW !! then making my way to the other side and then at the same depth WAM !!

Man o Man ! We are in Hog , I mean Tiger Heaven now !

All in all we found just a few oh , but we really don't mind !

Digging Adventures